Flash​-​Burnt Crucifixes

by Final Breath

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Album: Flash-Burnt Crucifixes (Release: 2000)
Label: Gutter Rec. (Zomba)


released May 15, 2000

Music & Lyrics by Final Breath
Recorded at Stage One Studio in March 1999
Produced by Andy Classen & Final Breath
Mastered at House Of Audio
Artwork & Layout by Frank Riesinger, Metal Merchant

Line Up:

Heiko Krumpholz - Drums
Jörg Breitenbach - Guitars
Thomas Wissel - Bass
Michael Imhof - Vocals


all rights reserved



FINAL BREATH Lohr A. Main, Germany

„The mix of very unique and interesting guitar work and aggressive but well
structured songs got me right way - well done. Those band trademarks are an
important part of the sound of FINAL BREATH, there is a hurricane brewing,
great fuckin´ album - hell-come back boys !"
(Schmier / Destruction)
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Track Name: Violent Death
It's a powergame
When escalation begins to crow
Conflicts are solved with weapons
War is like a show

The smell of burning flesh
Mankind's devoured by flames
Combats on polluted soil

Power is a game – justice
Causing havoc and chaos – killing
All of us must pay the price – justice
Senseless propaganda – killing
Support through ignorance – death
Every war based on lies
Track Name: Going Hellbound
Loosing life control
Burning desire
Pushed in veins to get
Down on one's knees

Chemical substances reach the brain
It seems ike a fantastic dream
The result of physical addiction
Is personality's destruction
Isolated from society means
Living behind the scenery
The need for more turns out
To be a nightmare

This is the preach of this new world
A life in freedom but
A life in hell as well, too
It's an escape from your world of lies

Find the truth and die
A life in hell is worth nothing
Blinded by a fantasy world
Stand up and let your dreams die

Haunted by pain, searching for more
To meet demand
There's no escape to real world
Are you ready for the march to hell
To see the truth with a thousand eyes
Track Name: Ratrace
No hope no glory for all of us
False promises cross out way of trust
Promises for stupid masses which
Show them real salvation
Wake up and understand the meaning
Defiance is the only word they know
Wealth is their only power
These are the reasons for pain and sorrow

They want
They need
They get all what they want

Ratrace – green paper rules the brain
Ratrace – it's a life without any compromise

Don't live for the moment
Nor for a certain period
The only aim they have's
That weak people have to die
No scruple for them and
No fear about the results
They wanna lead a life in prosperity
That's all they want
Track Name: Sociopathycally Insane
Loud screams are coming out
From deep inside
No one seems to near
The screams of agony
You are doomed to help
Yourself out
Isolated from a world
Full of antipathy

Despised from society
Reason for insanity

Can't hear can't see can't speak
No feelings deep inside
Can't hear can't see can't speak
The pain bites soul and mind

I'm insane and I
Don't need any help
I spend my life
In a psychological cell
I am cursed to hate
The human race
This fact is not
A mental illness
It's my fate

I live my life in a real sick world
I'm inspired by the voices inside
You call it mania but it is an inspiration
It is a shelter against human influences
Track Name: Exposed To Hatred
Hate or be hated
Hatred: you and me
Hatred: the cure all
Hatred: a feeling inside
Hatred: no compromise

Life on the fighting path
Feelings without remorse

Hatred: start of conflicts
Hatred: no reason why
Hatred: soaring intolerance
Hatred: way to handle life

Hatred: is being unleashed
Hatred: no trust
Hatred: aggression outburst
Hatred: cry from inside
Track Name: Bloodred Sky
Sky is beginning to turn red
Armaggeddon's near
Human race
Is doomed to die
Now all's clear

Under a blood-red sky
We all shall die

A blood-red stream, is flooding the land
Drown & die, mankind's future
Has been written, all life is eradicated

Earth is blown to pieces
All is said and done
Earth's remains are
Floating in outer space
Total self destruction

A superior life form
Will will be born
To create a new existence
Humanity has to be damned
No mercy and forgiveness
Believing in lies from stupid guys
False prediction
What reigns in our century
It's just naviety

Shall all we die??
Track Name: The Pact
In a night in the woods of Saint-Jean D'Angely
The king and the pope met to conspire against us
We become rich in order to purchase the world
And to have the right to humiliate clergy and kingdom
We worship divine honours to a head of a goat
Sacrifice to the epitome of evil
It's we who give obscene kisses on the back parts
Of our grand master, Jaques De Molay

We do pacts with the bearded idol
Have intercourse with female demons
We sin against our father
Against the son through hatred
We are jesuits who failed
Hate the roman catholic doctrine
We were accursed of heresey
We perished in flames of inquisition

Spit blood upon the image of christ, deny god's
Holy scriptures and the holy ghost's splendour
Worshipping the demon in form of a goat and swearing
The oath of allegiance for eternity

Monstrous, infernal, dark
Blasphemous, horrible, evil

The monstrous idol saved Jaques De Molay
From the flames of redemption
The king and the pope were banned forever from heaven's
Tribunal to the depths of a bottomless pit
Track Name: Killing Machines
The earth was destroyed by technology
Life has lost identity

Killing – destroying

Machines' control the human mind
The downfall of humanity

Operation: mass destruction

Killing machines – destroyer of life
Killing machines – creator of death

This desaster begun with the final march
Against human life

Killing – destroying

The ashes of burnt souls were
Spread in the wind

Operation: mass destruction

Killing machines – destroyer of life
Killing machines – creator of death

Smell of burnt flesh fills the air
Hills made of bones cover the land
Track Name: Soulcontrol
Evil works good just realizes
Should I kill or should I be killed
There's a pressure in my head
Should I beat or should I be mugged

Infiltration of souls
Thoughts are under control
Good/bad relationship
Offence against yourself

The devil has spoken in me
No answers and a
Complete standstill
No chances to refuse
Time has ripe to kill
Influenced in the name of the devil

Sin after sin
Everything's wrong
The way you've taken
Has always been wrong
Fight – kill – destroy
No time to stay
Just beware
Under control

I have to face hard decisions
Should I take the right or left way
A life full of eternal doubt
Did I choose the right way now?
Track Name: Chaos
Fighting for liberty to
Combat death and insanity
System is collapsing and
This process can't be stopped
All human minds have
To adapt radical chances
Limitless freedom is life in chaos

Time to change
Getting free
Run away
Taking off to new dimensions

Conflicts can only be solved
In systems without suppression
Individuality is alienated
Fight against this system is
War against your inner self
Winning this inner war is
Necessary for life in chaos

Tear apart the inner wall

Fighting for liberty is an
Achievment of mind anarchy
Individuality can be reached
With chaotic thoughts
Winning this inner war is
Life with free personality

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